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At Awaken Wellness Center we believe that complete, compassionate care requires attention to the whole person, mental and physical. Our therapists and programs address your individual needs in your quest for well-being.   If you are struggling with a problem Awaken Wellness Center could be part of the solution. 

We offer a safe professional environment where clients can feel heard. Difficulties do not go away. We must work through our problems or else they continue to be an obstacle to growing and moving forward.

Life is full of surprises. We believe therapy offers the opportunity to promote growth, empowerment, and development of the spirit by addressing problems in a supportive and therapeutic environment. Each of us has unique strengths, which help us to change and heal.  Awaken Wellness Center is also proud to support those who protect and defend to help them heal through individual compassionate care. 


Our contact information is below or you you may visit each clinician at "Meet Our Staff"  You may also fill out our secure online contact form via our chat.


Contact Katherine:

Phone: 703-794-5203       Fax: 703-775-4574

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