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Online Therapy from anywhere

Awaken Wellness Center, Inc. clinicians can deliver a series of Telehealth programs and services to you. This may include weekly, online therapy via Virtual Portal video-sessions.

Virtual Sessions will be done via our HIPAA Compliant, cloud-based software platform that allows us to meet over the Internet using a video camera and microphone enabled device.

We can provide mental health services to anyone with a computer, broadband Internet connection, webcam, and microphone. Online counseling, or “Teletherapy,” is when a professional counselor or psychotherapist talks with a client over the Internet to give emotional support, mental health assessment, goal setting and a treatment plan. This process can be one question or an ongoing conversation. Teletherapy is a viable alternative to therapy in person, especially when medical complications or other circumstances limit a one’s ability to see a therapist in person. Teletherapy is a source of help when traditional psychotherapy is not accessible. It’s effective. It’s confidential. Skilled, licensed, qualified, and ethical professionals conduct your Teletherapy. For some people, it’s the only way they can get help from a professional therapist.  Technology basics are required for practitioners who choose to deliver therapeutic services via technology.  

 As a client you will be provided with informed consent by your clinician to include:

1. Unless we explicitly agree otherwise, our teletherapy exchange is confidential. Any personal information you choose to share will be held in the strictest confidence. Just as for our  face-to-face clients, we will not release your information to anyone without your prior approval, or I am required to do so by law.  In many states  we are required to notify authorities if we become convinced a client is about to physically harm someone; or if they are abusing, or about to abuse, children, the elderly, or the disabled.

2. Teletherapy occurs in the state of Virginia and is governed by the laws of that state. In a manner of speaking, you use modality to visit us in our office; where we meet to do our work.

3. Helping you build the life you want is what our exchange is all about. We should not continue any process that is counter-productive in that respect. Either the client or the clinician is free to terminate the  relationship at any time and for any reason. There would, of course, be no charge for such a note. In the unlikely event, we become convinced our Teletherapy is not in your best interests (see below), we will explain that to you and suggest some alternative options better suited to your needs.

4. While Teletherapy is a great way to get help with many of life’s problems, overwhelming or potentially dangerous challenges are best met with face-to-face professional support. You understand that our Teletherapy is neither a universal substitute nor the same as face-to-face psychotherapy treatment. You accept the distinctions made using Teletherapy vs. face-to-face psychotherapy. You accept that Teletherapy does not provide emergency services.

5. You are responsible for information security on your computer. If you decide to keep copies of our emails or communication on your computer, it’s up to you to keep that information secure. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the security of our e-mails as they travel between our computers but are encrypted, so it is confidential. It is possible, though unlikely, to intercept e-mails in transit.  If you are concerned about that possibility, please consider the option to use an encrypted email service to convey any confidential information.

6. Our Teletherapy is a means by which you, the e-client, can receive coaching, counseling, information and guidance from an experienced psychotherapist. It is perhaps most accurately perceived as a process creating, over time, a trusting and collaborative relationship. In our collaboration, you retain the right to determine which topics we cover and the depth of consideration each receives. In other words, as an e-client, you are free to contribute or withhold any information you choose. Moreover, you are under no obligation to apply information and/or opinions contribute to our Teletherapy. While we hope that you will find our exchange useful in your efforts to help yourself and improve your life, it is not possible to guarantee that; despite the ever-increasing positive feedback from e-clients, Teletherapy therapy is best considered experimental until it’s efficacy has been validated scientifically. There are no other explicit or implied commitments in our Teletherapy relationship.



We currently provide online Therapy in the following States:Florida/Indiana/Virginia/Utah 


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